Warner Music releases Mindanao-born Alfa’s ‘Alindahaw’

By Paul Condon

Mindanao-born folk and pop songwriter ALFA has unveiled her first song in the Visayan language, “Alindahaw” via Warner Music Philippines.

Wrapped in a dreamy bossa nova conga rhythm and warm hollow-body guitar stylings, “Alindahaw” takes you to a peaceful place of natural beauty – the perfect escape in our uncertain times.

“We all need a getaway when life gets to us and things seem insurmountable,” Alfa says. “That’s when I think about Mindanao, where I was born, and its coconut trees, clean streams, and little dragonflies that fly amid the beauty.”

A versatile and organic songwriter who has created upbeat tunes like “Blue” and “Bean Song (My Solace),” Alfa is also able to tap into life’s darker depths.

Her December 2019 single “Box of Letters” is an honest song about abandonment by her father, while 2018’s “Fool’s Gold” encourages those who struggle with self-esteem.

In May 2020, PBS show featured Alfa, “Songs at the Center,” where host Eric Gnezda describes her as “the rare artist that reaches you on various levels, as she has an uncanny knack for having fun, but also touching you deeply.”

You can listen to her at SPOTIFY

Her April release of “Alindahaw” music video was  created by the team at Rawmix Productions.

Meanwhile, she can be found regularly playing livestreams while social distancing via her Facebook page.


“Alindahaw (little dragonfly)” is Alfa’s first original song written in her native tongue, Visayan.

Its free-wheeling style and dreamy lyrics are inspired by her grandparents’ farm in Mindanao, where the air is clean, a spring spouts fresh water, and dragonflies inhabit the coconut-lined hills and valleys.

After her 2019 single, “Box of Letters,” Alfa continues to explore her roots, releasing this ode to the Philippines’ natural beauty and the simplicity of natural life, in contrast to what she sees as the painful complexity of modern living.

About Alfa

Alfa Garcia found songwriting in the attic of her house, learning guitar on her grandfather’s 6-string so she could add melodies to handwritten poems.

What started as a hobby turned into a dedication to making music, as Alfa self-released albums and booked her own tours across the U.S. and her native Philippines.

Songs like “Blue” and “Bergenfield, NJ” were heard on shows like E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and films like “Baby Steps” (from the producer of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”).

She has shared the stage with artists like Us the Duo, Howie Day, Kitchie Nadal and Up Dharma Down, as well as pop acts like K.C. Concepcion and Sam Milby.

In 2018, she collaborated with Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson on a 3-day performance piece titled “Romantic Songs of the Patriarchy” in San Francisco.

After 20 years of writing songs, Alfa’s first love remains in crafting the elusive “perfect” song – one that’s timeless and honest, painting vivid pictures in the tradition of artists like Joni Mitchell and Brandi Carlile.

She is working on a new album for 2020 and will tour the U.S. with Kawehi this Fall. (Paul Condon)

Photo courtesy at Alfa’s Dropbox

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