3 drug suspects collared in Ipil and Kabasalan villages

By Antonio Manaytay

Agents of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) had collared two drug suspects in Ipil town and one in Kabasalan town in Zamboanga Sibugay.

Supported by police operatives, the PDEA agents had arrested Alhajer Enriquez, John Cris Luna, and Eduard Gregorio in a buy-bust operation Saturday, January 25.

PDEA 9 Regional Director Emerson Margate said one of the suspects, Enriquez is also a crime group member. He did not name the group.

Enriquez, he said, was arrested in Purok Sampaguita, Barangay Tenan in Ipil town.

Recovered from the suspect were P40,800 worth of suspected shabu packed in three heat-sealed plastic sachets. The suspect also yielded the P500 used as marked money, a motorcycle, and illegal drug paraphernalia.

In a separate anti-drug sting, the PDEA operatives had arrested Luna at Purok Lubi, Barangay Lumbia, also in Ipil town.

The operatives had arrested the third suspect at Purok A, Barangay Lumbayao in Kabasalan town, some 30 kilometers east of Ipil town. (Featured Image: Contributed)

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