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6 dead, over 8K families displaced in Caraga due to ‘Vicky’

Tropical Depression (TD) Vicky left six persons dead and displaced over 8,000 families in Caraga over the last two days. (Contributed photo)

Tornado ravages three Sultan Kudarat seaside villages

A tornado had swept through three seaside villages in Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat Sunday damaging a number of structures and fell large trees. (Pixabay photo)

Police, military continue to search for missing 61-year-old woman and child who perished in floodwaters

The police and military are still searching for a 61 year-old woman and a child who perished Wednesday as floodwaters overflowed from a large river in the seaside Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat and swept through villages along its banks. (John Unson photo)