Silliman University celebrates 119th Founders Day

By Dumaguete MetroPost

Silliman University has celebrated its 119th Founders Day. Dr. Betty Cernol McCann, university president, had opened the celebration on August 9 during the SU Church Sunday service.

In her message, Dr. McCann said, β€œInvoking God’s guidance and wisdom, we take courage to avoid the path towards panic and fear that can lead us to inaction, to a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.”

The SU president added that β€œInstead, following God’s leading we take the road towards informed decision making, banking on factual information and pooling together human resources to stay on course, to be adequate in our response, to think beyond the crisis we now face, and to imagine what higher education would be like – how Silliman University should position itself as we are catapulted into a 21st century learning environment that, whether we like it or not, is now heavily leaning on the internet world and digital technology.”

With the theme β€œHope Arising from the Solid Rock,” this year’s celebration, scheduled from August 9-31, 2020, the University outlined virtual activities that would maintain the β€œSilliman Spirit” despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

β€œThe FD (Founders Day) celebration this month will be part of the new students’ orientation to the life and works of this great university that has withstood the test of time for 119 years,” Dr. McCann said.

She assures everyone that β€œthe FD activities this year continue to feature our Sunrise Service, Sunday Worship Service, culture and the arts, Outstanding Sillimanian Awards, Parada Sillimaniana, church workers conference, and many more. Being online, the activities will not just be confined here on campus. As in the online ministry of the SU Church since March, the transmission of the Silliman Spirit anchored on the teachings of Jesus Christ will be global with participation of many alumni and friends in various parts of the world.”

β€œLike the pandemic, our events will become β€˜contagious’ and β€˜infectious.’ But unlike the COVID-19, our celebration will be awesome and inspiring, life enhancing and life giving,” Dr. McCann concluded. (Dumaguete MetroPost)

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