Zambo Sibugay provincial board declares Calades Narig a ‘protected tree’

By Antonio Manaytay

The provincial board of Zamboanga Sibugay has declared calades narig a “protected tree.”

Ordinance No. 2020-570, also known as “Sibugay Heritage Tree Ordinance,” declares the tree a rare specie, and prohibits the cutting of the tree. Board Secretary Nicasio Pena sent to Mindanao Sun a copy of the ordinance.

The tree is native to Alicia, a coastal town of the province.

Taxonomy experts said it does not grow anywhere in the world.

Experts first discovered the tree in 1915. The tree grew abundantly in the forested area, which later became part of Zamboanga Sibugay.

The residents, later on, named their village after the tree, kaladis or Calades, a village in Alicia town.

Many have thought calades narig, a tall, handsome and endemic to the place, had truly vanished.

Researchers from the Energy Development Corporation, however, rediscovered it in 2009.

The ordinance has prohibited the destruction of the tree in any form. Likewise, it also prohibited the destruction of plants and animals dependent on the tree for survival.

Board Member Jonathan Yambao authored the ordinance.

Mindanao Sun

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