Probe town official’s killing

Pamplona Mayor Janice Vallega-Degamo is calling for a Senate inquiry on the killing of the town’s Civil Security officer and former Vice Mayor Kent Zerna Divinagracia.

The former vice mayor of Pamplona in Negros Oriental was gunned down Wednesday evening over what Mayor Degamo said was initiated by “some powerful individuals” in the Province.

‘Jealousy and hatred’

Divinagracia was shot at around 8:40 p.m. at the town proper by suspect/s riding on a motorcycle.

Divinagracia, 45, was rushed to the SU Medical Center in Dumaguete, about 47 kilometers south of Pamplona, where he was declared dead upon arrival at around 9:15 p.m.

Mayor Degamo lauded Divinagracia as a classmate, former elected official, loyal supporter, and a true ally.

In a social media post, Mayor Degamo said it is sad to note that Divinagracia who worked honestly has become a victim of “jealousy and hatred of a powerful Congressman in Negros Oriental”.

Lost hope for justice

She said the Senate should investigate this Congressman’s financial influence, involvement in illegal gambling, and [power over] some officials of the Philippine National Police in the Province.

She recalled that as mayor of Pamplona, she had repeatedly requested the PNP leadership to protect them and their people but instead, they were even stripped of their bodyguards.

Mayor Degamo said she has lost hope for justice after learning that a trusted ally of President Duterte is preventing the transfer of the PNP Regional Director.

She said even a single Senate inquiry would uncover the evil deeds of some people here in Negros Oriental.

She lamented their requests for a change of PNP leadership in Negros Oriental have fallen on deaf ears.

She said she is ready to appear before the Senate inquiry to reveal what she knows, as well as present circumstantial evidence to back her claim, and tell the Senators what Divinagracia had told her about threats on his life, and his suspicions on the people behind them.

“A Senate inquiry will shed light on all the wrongdoings of the people involved in the illegal activities of this Congressman who shed darkness in our once- peaceful town; and I am willing to stand before a Senate committee hearing if this is what it takes to stop the killings,” Degamo said.

The story appears courtesy of Dumaguete MetroPost.

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