Nestle urged to do away with sachets, not just straws

An environmental organization has urged a food and beverage giant to do away with sachets, not just plastic straws to reduce its plastic footprints in the environment.

Greenpeace Philippines, in a statement sent to media, said Nestle Philippines should eliminate single-use packaging for all its products.

Nestle Philippines had earlier announced it will shift to paper straws instead of plastic for its ready-to-drink products. The move will eliminate some 130 million metric tons of plastic straws by the end of 2020.

The targeted volume is so small when compared to the amount of plastic wastes generated by Nestle, Greenpeace said.

Nestle is among the top plastic polluters worldwide, it added.

The plan, according to Greenpeace, will only “swaps plastics with equally disposable substitutes.”

It is a false solution that does not address the source of the problem, said Greenpeace campaigner Marian Ledesma.

By labeling paper products as “recyclable,” it removes from companies the accountability and responsibility to redesign their product packaging to better business models such as re-use and refill systems.

Greenpeace noted the system of recycling has failed “to produce paper fibers of good quality.”

It added that most of these paper-based recyclable materials still find their way in landfills.”

Nestle, according to Ledesma, should commit to phase out all single-use plastic and disposables for its products and packaging.

Ledesma said Nestle must replace its “sachets with re-use and refill systems in their retail operations.”

To focus only on plastic straws is greenwashing the need for a waste-free system, she said. (amm)

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