Two full moons for October, the other one falls on Halloween

By Antonio Manaytay

Bizarre is the new normal for October 2020. That is because it has two full moons, termed as blue moon, one happens on the second day and the other will be during Halloween.

But the spotlight is on the second full moon, a Halloween Moon, on October 31.

Astronomically, the moon appears full at the time when it is opposite the sun from the Earth. This explains why the first October full moon will fall either on October 1 or October 2 depending upon the time zone.

While it is eerie to celebrate Halloween with a full moon overhead, the event is rare because it will be the first Halloween Moon after 76 years.

Many people think a full moon occurs every Halloween. It is not the case, said Jeffrey Hunt, a former planetarium director, and educator.

The last Halloween Moon occurred in 1944 when the world was mired in a world war, he said.

And rarity does not end there. The 2020 Halloween Moon is visible in all parts of the planet, Hunts revealed.

There was a Halloween Moon in 1955 but it didn’t include Western Pacific and North America.

No, not all full moons are visible to all countries, the former planetarium director said. But this year’s is visible in all countries except those affected by time zones.

“Every time zone has it except those east of )GMT) +8 time zones if they have daylight time,” said Hunt.

Also, those living in places of (GMT) +9 without daylight time, he added.


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