Dengue cases are rising in Ipil town, death toll at four

IPIL, Philippines — At least four people have died from complications caused by dengue in the capital town of the province as the number of cases of dengue patients continue to rise Wednesday, June 26.

The Municipal Health Office through its social media page has urged those suffering from fever to “go to a hospital straight away” especially those with warning signs of dengue.

Dengue, a mosquito-borne disease, can cause potentially deadly complication called severe dengue.

In its advisory released through the social media, the Municipal Health Office said there are already 351 cases of dengue in the municipality from January 1 until June 17.

Dengue cases are all over the 28 barangays of the municipality with the following barangays at top 10: Barangay Ipil Heights has the most number of dengue cases at 46, followed by Barangay Buluan, 41; and Barangay Veterans Village, 37; Barangay Sanito, 35; Barangay Lower Taway, 21; Barangay Tiayon, 17; Barangay Poblacion, 14; Barangay Magdaup, 12; and Barangay Tenan, 10.

It did not, however, indicated the number of deaths due to dengue. Independent reports gathered from the social media had tallied at least four deaths.

In the Philippines, dengue has claimed the lives of over 300 people from 1 January to 18 May 2019.

The local health office is calling on residents to actively participate in combating dengue individually and as a community.

\It outlined several ways how to destroy the nesting places of dengue mosquitoes such as search and destroy, and practicing the 4 o’clock habit. (amm)

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