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Eye health at risk during pandemic, warns expert

Increased use of digital devices during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic could affect eye health adversely, a Turkish eye doctor warned on Wednesday.

Requirement to set up isolation areas for domestic flights lifted

The government has removed the requirement for air carriers providing domestic flights to reserve a portion of the aircraft cabin as an isolation area for passengers or crew who display symptoms of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), Malacañang announced on Friday. (Pixabay photo)

PRC warns public vs. leptospirosis

MANILA – After successive typhoons submerged many areas in Luzon, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) reminded the public to take extra caution to prevent leptospirosis.

Zambo City tackles rising suicide cases

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The local government is formulating a mental health program to respond to the rising number of suicide cases here, Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said Saturday. (Pixabay photo)

Caring for your mental health amid pandemic

MANILA – The coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has upended the lives of everyone in ways unimaginable. It has affected not only the working class hit hard by pandemic shutdowns but also the youth. (Pixabay photo)

‘Super-spreaders’ changing medical facts

According to researchers, a person carrying SARS-CoV-2 would infect two or three people on average. But this too is changing.

Survey: Healthcare professionals top credibility score in APAC

Asia Pacific Nutrition Myths Survey 2020, revealing that healthcare professionals are the most trusted source of nutrition information providers. (Pixabay photo)

Sleeping in cars can kill you

Carbon monoxide poisoning has been happening for decades now and are still being reported to this day. The lack of awareness about the hazards of CO poisoning has something to do with the problem. (AFP photo)

Zambo Sibugay records spike of COVID-19 cases anew, issues travel guidelines

Zamboanga Sibugay has recorded a spike of confirmed coronavirus infections anew, prompting the Sibugay Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 to issue travel guidelines. (Pixabay photo)