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Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory, if applied, would make standing up and out for the basic tenets of Christian morality another wrongful embrace of ideology or power. (Pexels photo)

The persecuted Church

Not when real persecution exists around the world in ways that can only be deemed unconscionable. As in imprisonment, torture and death. Currently 2,983 Christians are killed every year. In other words, eight Christians are killed for their faith every day. (Pixabay photo)

The four categories of online viewers (and how to respond to each one)

When it comes to the millions of people engaging online church services, it might be helpful to realize there are only four categories of viewers. (Pixabay photo)

A prayer for the President, whoever gets elected

I do not yet know your name, but in a few days you will be elected to our nation’s highest office and become the leader of the free world at the end of a long and engaging election season. (Unsplash photo)

When in disagreement, two options for Christians: Maintain the mark of a Christian or betray it

Whether in blogs or chat rooms, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, we spew out the most caustic, mean-spirited words, actions and attitudes as if they are not reprehensible before heaven. (Pixabay photo)

Politics matter, and Christians should be politically active

Politics matter, and if you are a Christian you should be politically active. The reason is because culture matters. The world matters. (Pixabay photo)

Some churches have reopened and others have not: 7 reasons to explain the difference

Most churches were forced to “close” (a bit of a misnomer, since no church really “closed,” just suspended large-group public services) as a result of the pandemic. Over time, even when the spread of the virus wasn’t waning, many have reopened while others have not. Some large churches have already announced they will not reopen this year. (Pexels photo)

Generation Z, the Holocaust, and the Gospel

“The most defining characteristic of Generation Z is that it is arguably the first generation in the West (certainly in the United States) that will have been raised in a post-Christian context. As a result, it is the first post-Christian generation…. They are not simply living in and being shaped by a post-Christian cultural context. They do not even have a memory of the gospel.” (Unsplash photo)

Our spiritual pandemic of narcissism

If all we can do during this time is complain about our spiritual needs not being met, we have given ourselves over to… ourselves. It’s called spiritual narcissism. (Pexels photo)