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Jupiter and Saturn conjunction is end-of-the-year treat for skywatchers

What has become known popularly as the “Christmas Star” is a planetary conjunction easily visible in the evening sky over the next two weeks as the bright planets Jupiter and Saturn come together, culminating on the night of Dec. 21. (Credits: NASA/ Bill Ingalls)

Geminids are the best meteor shower stargazer can see: Here’s why

The Geminids are widely recognized as the best annual meteor shower a stargazer can see, occurring between Dec. 4 to Dec. 17, with the best nights for viewing on Dec. 13 and 14. (Pixabay photo)

Thinnest 5G smartphone vivo V20 Pro now available with Smart Signature Plans

The thinniest 5G smartphone, vivo V20 Pro is now available with Smart Signature Plans, which will give customers a convenient and affordable way to own the newest Vivo sibling. (Photo grabbed from

Avnet launches new cellular module for rapid development of IoT applications

Leading global technology solutions provider Avnet (Nasdaq: AVT) today expanded its product line for rapid IoT development with the launch of the AVT9152 module. (Avnet photo)

NASA confirms. Earth’s ‘second moon’ is a space junk.

Earth’s “second moon” orbiting the planet since October until March 2021 is a space junk, a Centaur rocket booster from the 1960s, NASA confirmed.

Eye health at risk during pandemic, warns expert

Increased use of digital devices during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic could affect eye health adversely, a Turkish eye doctor warned on Wednesday.

Satellite to track rising seas

An Earth-observation satellite developed by European and United States (US) space agencies set to lift off Saturday will measure sea level rise, tracking changes threatening to disrupt tens of millions of lives within a generation. (AFP photo)

Allianz: Cyber crime brings expensive losses for companies, but internal failures most frequent cause of cyber claims

External attacks on companies result in the most expensive cyber insurance losses but it is employee mistakes and technical problems that are the most frequent generator of claims by number, a new report said. (Pixabay photo)

Moderna’s vaccine nearly 95 percent effective

United States (US) biotech firm Moderna on Monday announced its experimental vaccine against COVID-19 was almost 95 percent effective, marking a second major breakthrough in the quest to end the pandemic. (AFP photo)